Eco-Sound System By Mikal Hameed

Instead of totally discarding those used office chairs and stereo equipments, designer Mikas Hameed has used these items and made it into a superb and fully functional sound system. This creation of MIkal Hameed only means that it everything, everybody has the chance of living the green life and every little thing, and aspect of life can be our great contribution in keeping the environment safe. Who would ever think that a joyful and full of life sound system that are used to be made with first hand materials can be eco-friendly at times? Let this creation be a great tool in keeping our eyes open and made us think that we can save the environment in so many ways.

Eco-Sound System

Eco-Sound System

Eco-Sound System

Eco-Sound System

Eco-Sound System

Source: Mikal Hameed via Inhabitat


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