City Green Court: Another Green Architecture In Prague, Czech Republic

Business entities are now starting to be engaged in green architecture. This will definitely allow them to not only help save the environment and create a big smile to those green advocate or environmentalists but also will allow them to save some amount of money in different aspects. The City Green Court by Richard Meier & Partners that is currently under construction in Prague, Czech Republic, features a glass façade, thus allowing the building to make use of the sunlight to illuminate the building during daytime. The large trees in the central atrium and the plants that covered the building’s wall at the ground level produce natural fresh air.

City Green Court

City Green Court

City Green Court

City Green Court

City Green Court

City Green Court

City Green Court

Source: Richard Meier & Partners via Dezeen


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  • I applaud Meier + Partners for their sustainable design and operation of their building/complex. I imagine it also provides a needed amount of office space for the city. I would, however, appreciate more sensitivity toward the rich architectural legacy in Prague. This building could be "cut out" and "pasted" just as well in Vancouver or Dubai: It is emotionally and culturally sterile. I think the practice of sustainability should not only regard the environment and economy, but also people– people with diverse and often beautiful and unique cultural histories and traditions, exemplified in our (often older, pre-automobile) human-scaled and integrative community spaces and architecture.

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