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PADI x RASHR Reusable Face Mask Is Made from Recycled Polyester

PADI has teamed up with RASH’R to produce reusable Face Mask made from recycled polyester. It’s a win-win solution for both sea animals and humans as this project transforms plastic water bottles into face masks instead of polluting the oceans. During coronavirus (COVID019) pandemic, these face masks would help to slow down the spread of the virus.

Made by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and sold by RASH’R, each reusable mask comes with five disposable replacement PM2.5 filters. It might seem really expensive as each mask costs you $20.40, but PADI says that there’s no profit from this product, the price really reflects the cost it takes to make each mask. PADI really cares about the ocean and diver community, this company really wanted to help with their hearts and hands instead of profiting off in this difficult time.

PADI x RASHR Face Mask Is Made from Recycled Polyester

PADI x RASHR Face Mask Is Made from Recycled Polyester

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Sumo Cloth Diaper Is a Mono-Material Diaper and Made From 100% Sustainable SeaCell Fabric

Disposable diapers have become third largest contributor to our landfills, in fact, in EU alone, there are more than 17million diapers are disposed every day. Luisa Kahlfeldt aims to reduce this hard to recycle product by replacing the main material to something more sustainable with Sumo Reusable Cloth Diaper.

Sumo Cloth Diaper offers world’s first mono-material diaper on the market. Conventional cloth diaper usually consists of both natural and synthetic fibers, they are bonded together permanenly, making it hard to take apart and recycle. Sumo Diaper is made of 100% sustainable seacell fabric, which is biodegradable and super absorbent, an environmentally friendly diaper for your baby.

Sumo Cloth Diaper Is Made From 100% Sustainable SeaCell Fabric

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Natural Handmade Gift Set for Relaxation – Be Calm Lavender Gift Set Promotes Restful Sleep

This natural gift set is perfect for anyone who needs to relax. Handmade with natural ingredients, Be Calm Lavender Gift Set would be a nice stress relief for a friend or loved one who needs to de-stress, or maybe yourself. This eco-friendly gift offers spa-style treatments where each set consists of Be Calm Bath Salts (12oz), Be Calm Mist (2oz), and Be Calm Aromatherapy Roll On Perfume. This combination promotes restful sleep, rejuvenate our body and soul, making you feel calm and relax. We need to remind you though, please don’t use essential oils directly onto your skin without diluting them first, this beauty product is not intended to treat or cure any disease. [CLICK HERE to get more information about this gift set]

Natural Gift Set for Relaxation - Be Calm Lavender Gift Set

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