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Bambu: An Eco-gardening Project For The Elderly

Who said that it is too late for the elders to do good for the environment? Never been too late with the Bambu, and eco-gardening project concept for the elders. This project gives the elders the ability to get active by growing plants in an urban living set-up or simply called as the urban gardening. As we all know, urban gardening usually refers to growing plants indoor. In this way, fresh air will be achievable without the need of any air purifier, thus a huge saving on energy usage and eventually money on a lowered electricity bill. In addition, the garden creates a relaxing a fresh ambiance to home of any interiors.

Bamu Urban Gardening Concept

Bamu Urban Gardening Concept

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Eco Drop: An Eco-friendly Gardening Tool

When gardening, fertilizers are one of the basic items that we must have in order to grow our plants healthy. Insecticides are another must have, and this one is to keep our plants from insects and bugs. These two components are known to have chemical ingredients that are harmful to the environment. The eco-drop is an eco-friendly gardening tool that will answer all our gardening needs without harming the environment. This tool uses earthworms to prevent food waste from landing into our landfills. This also reduces the use of chemical fertilizers that are known to be a water contaminant, thus would cause for a water contamination and will eventually harm the environment.

Eco Drop Gardening Tool

Eco Drop Gardening Tool

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