Billboard Bags By Artecnica

Billboard posters are generally disposed of to landfills when a certain advertisement is already over, and literally, it adds up to the thousand piles of landfills we already have at present. To avoid this thing from continuously happening, American design brand Artecnica introduced to the public a stylish and hip bag made of discarded billboard posters. The bags are simply cut to make it able to lie flat when not in use, and expand and stretched easily into a shoulder bag if needed to hold various objects. This bag not only provides comfort to everybody in a stylish way but also it does dramatically help save the environment by keeping the landfills from growing.

Stylish Billboard Bag

Stylish Billboard Bag

Stylish Billboard Bag

Stylish Billboard Bag

Stylish Billboard Bag

Stylish Billboard Bag

Source: Artecnica via Dezeen


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  • It is really cool bag. I am loving it!!! 🙂

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