Be Eco-Friendly, Use Maravilla Package Systems

With the desire to eliminate the wasteful nature practice of today’s packaging design, the Maravilla Package System is designed. This eco-friendly packaging system is made from recycled materials and is modular making it an economical packaging design. In addition, the Maravilla also has identical components that are stacked to create packaging options of different sizes, thus eliminating the need of a more complicated production process and energy as well. Aside from it being made of recycled materials, Maravilla itself has a simple and handsome design making it inviting to consumers in reusing the item after they have enjoyed their favorite chocolates.



Source: SCA Packaging


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  • This is the type of packaging I like to see coming to the forefront! Thanks for sharing! Great find!

    • Thank you 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing, My name is Mehrafza Mirzazad. I am the Maravilla's Designer and I dont know about this site.

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