Aqualim: The Eco-friendly Shower Head

When you are a lover of shower and normally stay longer doing your morning ritual that causes your skyrocketing water bill, then you should probably use the Aqualim. It is an eco-friendly showerhead with an automatic shut-off feature. By setting your desired water usage, the aqualim will then warn you through a reduced flow as an indicator that you will be running out of water soon and will eventually shuts off when the water runs out. In this way, you can have a control over your water usage and will save a large amount of it with the help of the aqualim. If this will become a practice of everybody, there will be no water shortage anymore.

Aqualim Showerhead

Aqualim Showerhead

Aqualim Showerhead

Source: Aqualim via Ecogeek


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  • It’s an intriguing concept. What’s to stop people from just turning it back on? I suppose it would work by reminding them that a longer shower is a waste of water, but still.

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